Harper’s Playground at Arbor Lodge Park

Harper’s Playground in Arbor Lodge Park is one of Portland’s newest playgrounds!  It is accessible for all abilities and amazing, like A+ Amazing!  It is definitely my favorite playground in Portland!  In addition, Harper is a real girl from Portland.  She has an amazing story and you can read about her life and how the playground developed here.  IMG_6894One of the greatest things about Harper’s Playground is it is truly accessible for ALL abilities. Ranging from ramps that gradually escort to the top of an easy slide entrance, state of the art swings, concrete seat walls, and a spinner that is better than traditional merry-go-rounds.  FYI, you may want to bring extra clothes because there is a sand and water play area, which may keep your kids occupied for hours.  Lastly, I have to mention the xylophone as It makes your little musician sound like an expert xylophonist.  It is so refreshing and a beautiful sound to hear throughout the playground.  Overall, I’ve never been more excited about a playground actually in Portland than Harper’s Playground.  It is a playground that no-one should miss!  Thank you, Harper for hanging on to life and influencing others to make an A+mazing playground!

Click on Portland Parks and Recreation to see their description of Arbor Lodge Park.

Click on maps for directions to Harper’s Playground at Arbor Lodge Park.IMG_6890


6 thoughts on “Harper’s Playground at Arbor Lodge Park

  1. I wonder if it is safe for children to play in the sand. Years ago, sandboxes were removed from public parks because children were getting sick from playing in sand because cats were defecating and urinating in them, which makes me wonder – have there been measures taken to insure that neighborhood cats don’t defecate and urinate in the sand?

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